3-Day Delivery Guarantee

The only 3-day guarantee for Priority Mail?

Simply do more business guaranteed.

Priority Mail Shipments, Guaranteed

  • Pitney Bowes and Visible Supply Chain Management bring merchant 3-Day Delivery Guarantee for all continental US USPS Priority Mail shipments.
  • 3-Day Delivery Guarantee helps protect a merchant's reputation and parcels.
  • 3-Day Delivery Guarantee allows merchants to better meet customers’ delivery expectations.

Why USPS Priority Mail?

  • Use Priority Mail to better meet your customer’s delivery expectations.
  • Perfect for smaller, lighter-weight packages delivered to residential addresses.
  • No surcharges means merchants have a better grasp of their expenses.
  • Priority Mail is fast, reliable and cost effective. Free packaging and package pick-up saves merchants time and money.

The Details

  • All merchants currently using Carrier Connect (PB Shipping APIs) are automatically enrolled in the guaranteed delivery program.
  • For merchants wanting to opt-out, please email PBDClaims@pb.com.
  • Opting out will not affect merchant’s ability to ship or enjoy any of the other benefits of your Pitney Bowes Carrier Connect (Shipping API) account.
  • Full terms and conditions.
  • Promotion made possible by Visible Supply Chain Management and Pitney Bowes.

Easy Claims Process

  • If your package is delivered in greater than 3 days, you can simply request a refund for the cost of the shipping label.
  • Requesting a refund is simple. Simply complete the claims form and email to PBDClaims@pb.com with 14 days of shipment.
  • Approved claims will be refunded to your Pitney Bowes postage account within 60 days.
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Pitney Bowes Delivery Guarantee Service Claims Frequently Asked Questions.

What shipments qualify?

Most Priority Mail shipments are eligible. Please see the Complete Delivery section of our Terms and Conditions for full eligibility rules.

How will I receive my money back?

Refunds are credited to your Pitney Bowes Postage Account.

How is 3-Day Delivery time calculated?

Delivery time is calculated from the time we receive the physical scan of a parcel to the time it is delivered or attempted  to deliver. The day we receive the parcel is day zero provided we receive it before the cut-off time of 0600 pm local time.

Example - If we receive a parcel on Monday before the cut-off time and is delivered after Thursday, the parcel qualifies for the delivery claim. Sunday and other holidays are excluded from the delivery time calculation. Some exclusions apply. Details are available in our terms and conditions.

How do I file a claim?

Simply complete and return a claim form to PBDClaims@pb.com.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

Refunds are processed within 60 days of receipt.

How long do I have to submit a claim?

14 days from when USPS has scanned and taken possession of our parcel.

Are there any exceptions?

Some exceptions do apply. Delays related to circumstances outside our control, such as inclement weather, origins or destinations outside the contiguous United States, and shipments that do not comply with service restrictions and conditions are not eligible. Details are available in our terms and conditions.

What happens after I file a claim?

You’ll receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your claim within 24 hours. Then, we’ll investigate your claim, provide a written notice of determination, and refund approved claims to the shipper’s Pitney Bowes Postage account within 60 days.

How can I check the status of my claim?

Approved claims are reflected on your account as a credit to the original tracking number of delayed shipment. Alternatively, you can contact us at PBDClaims@pb.com with any claim related questions.